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ABV | Prom 2017

Prom season has come and gone again! This year we had the opportunity of shooting with some great prom goers.

_MG_8971Our first weekend out we chose Alandale Mansion in Kingsport, TN as the location of the session. Pictured is my kid sister all dolled up for the night.

The next prom session we did was at this really cool 50’s style “junkyard” in Rogersville, TN. I wish I could remember the name of the place. It was just an old style grungy little place.

But. It. Was. Great.

It was an apocalyptic version of Grease. Imagine if the Call of Duty developers decided to do a Danny Zuko version of Zombies, Diner and all. This was it.

But it made for some really cool photos. I will definitely be revisiting this gem!

Check out some of the other photos from the sessions!

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